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i don’t know how i missed the video for “work work” but cocc pistol kills it i am truly obsessed with her

I was lazy about listening to this album and now I’m sad because it’s actually really fucking good.

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Me trying to climb the corporate ladder.

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❝ Absurdly, I haven’t yet got around to saying that football is a wonderful sport, but of course it is. Goals have a rarity value that points and runs and sets do not, and so there will always be that thrill, the thrill of seeing someone do something that can only be done three or four times in a whole game if you are lucky, not at all if you are not. And I love the pace of it, its lack of formula; and I love the way that small men can destroy big men … in a way that they can’t in other contact sports, and the way that t he best team does not necessarily win. And there’s the athleticism …, and the way that strength and intelligence have to combine. It allows players to look beautiful and balletic in a way that some sports do not: a perfectly-timed diving header, or a perfectly-struck volley, allow the body to achieve a poise and grace that some sportsmen can never exhibit. ❞

— Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch

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Oh man, this bit made me cry.

What an excellent series, everyone should watch it. I was about as close to tears as I’ve been since Wilson floated away from Tom Hanks in Castaway.

gpoy today at work when 6’5” IT dude kept asking me for high-fives. I gotta get rid of this mustache, its making the wrong people happy.


Let transparent MC Ride guide you through these turbulent surprise release times


Let transparent MC Ride guide you through these turbulent surprise release times

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